Ar-Ge Çalışmaları

In RASYONEL KİMYA; there are practices such as; developing alternatives in technical and economic terms, closely following developments in competing products, developing products in accordance with customers’ preferences, finding solutions to business problems and bottlenecks, monitoring new technologies, developing special value-added products based on the types of Rasyonel Kimya’s product range, working with universities, public institutions and other private sector organizations in order to bring solutions to customer problems, providing various tests, analysis, identification, consulting and technical information services for in-house and external demands.

Rasyonel Kimya is aware of its responsibility as a manufacturer company as our consciousness of carrying our responsibility with the principle of “Our quality is our name”.

Aiming to be the best in its sector, Rasyonel Kimya serves with a contemporary, dynamic and sharing approach.

Rasyonel Kimya can provide significant savings in the chemical needs of domestic consumers with special formulas developed according to the problems and demands of the companies.