Problem Solving Formulas from Rasyonel Kimya

Operating in İzmir Atatürk Organized Industrial Zone, Rasyonel Kimya has provided significant savings for the chemical needs of domestic consumers with special formulas developed according to the problems and demands of the companies.

Founded in 1999 in Izmir, Rasyonel Kimya Tem. Hiz. San. Tic. Ltd. Şti. has become one of the leading companies in the sector in a very short time by developing solvent-based non-flammable products with investments in R & D. Textile Stain Remover and Paint Eraser Spray, which the company developed and produced their formula, received great demand from domestic consumers, especially paint eraser spray received a significant amount of orders from State Railways. While similar products were imported from abroad at great prices, Rasyonel Kimya, operating in İAOSB, managed to reduce the chemical costs of the companies significantly without compromising on quality with the formulas developed for customer demand.

As the owner of Rasyonel Kimya, Fatih Altun explains that while as a team, they’re always trying to improve the production and quality of innovations, usually it is assumed that chemical companies only manufacture detergent, Turkey is suitable for the manufacture of detergents and cleaning chemicals technology and they also manufacture detergent upon request, however, he emphasized that the main production subjects are technical chemicals.

Altun stated that Turkey’s industry is developing fast and they are allocating a significant amount of budget for chemicals that solves the problems for production of the company’s products as well as their machines. Altun explained that these chemicals are generally imported from abroad and the general idea is that the chemicals with the desired properties are only produced abroad, whereas as Rasyonel Kimya can produce all kinds of chemicals that will solve the same problems with better quality and with reasonable prices.

Stating that they formulate solvent-based, flammable products in such a way as to solve the problem by preventing the flammable property without losing the properties of the solvents, Fatih Altun said that the most important element in their sector is R & D. Altun stated that all of their staff received very good training and said;

“Solvent-based products are very strong solvents; there are huge differences between a home-based oil solvent and Solvent-based degreasers. Solvent based petroleum derived products are used in industrial sector. We are a company that produces such products. In order to remove difficult stains on some sensitive surfaces such as aluminum surfaces, it is necessary to use acid-based solvents. However, acid damages the aluminum and makes abrasions and darkening. As Rasyonel Kimya, our duty here is to eliminate the damage of the acid-based solvent to aluminum without disrupting the acid property. To give another example; the solvent required to clean the oil paint spilled on a colored T-shirt will also remove the dye from the fabric. We produce the formula that will remove the oil paint on the fabric without damaging the dye of the fabric.”

“We have a very professional R & D unit for special-purpose product development. They are all chemists who have graduated from related departments of 4-year universities. Our unit first identifies various and similar problems encountered in the industry, then develops and formulates the formulas according to these problems. Our chemists have bags equivalent to small laboratories that contain analyze and test equipment that detect the problem, then they fill out a form called ‘product development form’. The vendor chemist and the chemist in the laboratory work together to produce the product that will solve the problem as soon as possible. Every manufacturing company needs the chemicals that we produce and/or will produce according to their problem. We are working with major companies in Turkey and the Aegean region. We are capable of producing the chemicals that every sector needs. The breakdown of the bias in our country in the field of chemicals and the realization that companies like us can produce much higher quality products will provide significant advantages in the chemical costs of the companies.”

Textile stain remover SNOW

This is a product that is produced to remove the stain with dry application and formulated to absorb the liquid 40 times its own weight. Rasyonel Kimya has been meticulously working for 2 years to produce this product. When sprayed on the stained area, it locks the stain in itself without dispersing it and the solvent content allows the oil to decompose and evaporate. After the stain turn into an powder-like structure, it can be cleaned completely with a fabric or a brush. It is half price of imported similar products.

Graffiti Eraser Spray

This product is produced by Rasyonel Kimya and it’s used for removing  graffiti writings on walls and/or various surfaces without damaging the surface.” These are just two of the 200 products produced by Rasyonel Kimya. And producing formulas to solve unique problems is Rasyonel Kimya’s job.”

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