The  Potential of Development in Chemistry is High

We have 3 groups of cleaning chemicals; General hygiene group, technical chemicals and specific special chemicals. We say that the future of chemical industry hidden in professional use. We primarily think about the industrialists and produce mostly technical chemicals.

There is crisis in Turkey every 10 years. As a business, if you do not sell your products you manufacture to many customers, that is, if you do not divide your risks, you will experience the same problem with the ones who got affected by crisis and experience difficulties. We are mainly selling goods to industrial enterprises and we have more than one customer. When the risks are divided, the rate you will receive from the biggest customer is reduced. So if they collapse that won’t drag you to the crisis.

Today, we only sell domestically and negotiate with Azerbaijan for export. We don’t import. We buy our raw materials from importers. Our importers supply us the products we need from abroad and sell them to us here. We received all kinds of documents that we need in the name of institutionalization; We have ISO 9001, 14001, 18001 and Ministry of Health permission certificate in hygiene products. We have been in IAOSB for 3 years. You have no choice but to work as a corporate here.

Production is expensive in İzmir

Actually were not afraid of the crisis much, we were not affected much as we divide our risks; on the contrary, we became more professional. That’s the only lesson we’ve learned from this crisis. We have reduced the number of employees, but our endorsement is the same. The crisis is over for us. Because the season has opened. Our most important problems are related to our geography. We have difficulty in competing with the producers in Istanbul. Being an industrialist in İzmir is 20 percent expensive.

Chemical industry is a booming industry in Turkey with physical mixture. Its technology is far less advanced than in Europe or America. The number of companies that employ chemical engineers is very small, laboratory equipment is very expensive, and you get tiny analyzers for 50-60,000 billion Turkish Liras. Firms should be relieved a little about these issues. There are incentives we can get from TUBITAK, but it is very difficult to get these incentives. Unless the sector can be relieved in this field, R & D studies cannot be carried out. Therefore, industrialists in Turkey are growing fast by modeling infrastructure but they do not produce anything. The government should provide R & D and laboratory support for the development of organizations in the chemical sector and enable us to benefit from these supports more easily.

If we finish our debts to banks this year, it will be an investment for us. When I first came to IAOSB, I had the goal of selling goods to 50 percent of the countries in the Middle East, and this target still continues. After 2010, we plan to make a big investment in 2011. We are going to change all the machines we use and provide an all-professional usage for Turkish people. Aerosols will be very cheap.

I’m very hopeful about the chemical industry. Chemicals sector in Turkey is very underdeveloped. 70 of the 100 companies produce only detergents. Chemistry contains a lot of information; it is like a game you can never give up as a child and it is open to continuous innovations. There is also a lot of research in the chemical sector. We aim to be a pioneer in the development of this sector. We also trained many new employees in the chemical sector. I think that the chemical sector is the sector of the future.