Rasyonel Kimya Solves Problems

Established in Izmir Ataturk Organized Industrial Zone, Rasyonel Kimya provided significant savings in the chemical needs of domestic consumers with special formulas developed by companies according to their problems and demands. Chairman of the Board of Directors Fatih Altun said that the chemical industry is not just “detergent” and produced 200 kinds of products based on the needs of the industry and the corporation. Founded in 1999, the company developed R & D-based non-flammable products in a short time and became one of the few companies in the sector. Indicating that they produce many products such as stain and germ remover in textile, electronic card cleaner sprays and rinsing agents for industrial dishwashers, Altun said that they continue to develop new products for every new problem they’ve been informed about.

There are 2 thousand companies

Altun says, “Currently there are 4 companies that produce technical chemical products in Turkey. They are located in Istanbul, Bursa and Izmir. As a company, we are serving 2,000 companies including Izmir’s giant companies. Altun stated that they detect the problems of the industrialists’ production machines on-premise and use special “technical chemicals” to fix the problem and he emphasized on that different machines used in different sectors could not be protected with standard products. Altun says, “In order to prevent the damage to the machines bought at great prices in the industry, the effects of the chemicals must be known. Randomly used chemicals can cause more harm than good. We go to the factory, learn what the problem is and produce a product in accordance with its needs.”